Department of Computer Science & Engineering, IIT Madras, Chennai


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MS Research Scholars

Name ▾ Thesis Title ▾ Year of Graduation▾ Current Position▾
Swapnoneel Roy
Algorithms for Sorting using Biologically Motivated Primitives 2007 IBM India Software Lab, Bangalore. , India.

Archana M
Extended Join Algorithms and Path Based Approach for XPath Evaluation --

Delip Rao G
Learning Semantic Relations from Heterogeneous Sources 2007 Ph.D. Student, Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University

K. Hima Prasad
Modified Püfer Sequences for Indexing and Querying of XML Data 2007 IBM India Research Lab,Delhi.

Bharat Ranjan Kavuluri
Timed Initial Literals in Metric-Temporal Planning 2005 Pursuing PhD at IIT Madras, India.

G. V. Subramanyam
Efficient Binary Structural Join Algorithms on XML Data 2005 Symantec Corporation, Pune, India.

R. Shyam Sundar Yadav
An Oracle Based Meta Learning Approach for Knowledge Acquisition 2005 Veritas Software, Pune, India.

U Senthil
A Domain Independant System for Temporal Planning Adaptation 2004 IBM, Pune, India.

K Prasanna
Distance Based Instance Set Reduction in Case Based Reasoning 2004 ICICI Infotech, Bangalore, India.

Sutanu Chakraborthi
Integration of Knowlegde Sources in Textual Case Based Reasoning 2004 Assistant Professor, Dept. of CS & E, IIT Madras.

P Kiran Kumar
A Case Based Reasoning Approach to Satellite Health Monitoring 2004 Intel, Bangalore, India.

Paul P Mathew
Dynamic Object Typing and Binding of XML 2004 Intel, Bangalore, India.

P C Karthik
A Query Engine For XML Document Repositories 2003 IBM, Bangalore, India.

K Ravi Chandran
Semantic Caching for XML Query Systems 2003 Persistent Systems Pvt. Ltd, Pune, India.

Radhika Selvamani
Inductive Diagnosis With CBR in Manufacturing 2003 PhD, IITM.

S. M. Michael
Knowledge Engineering and Management for Manufacturing 2003 Corborundum Pvt Ltd.

Praveen Kumar K (March 2003)
RR-F: An Improved Regression Planner 2003 Verzion, Chennai, India.

B Ravidra Reddy
An XML Based Subscription System Using Query Rewriting 2002 AMI, USA

M Sudharshana
Mapping Rules: A New Approach To XML Data Translation and Integration 2001 Motorola, Bangalore, India

M Mandhava Krishna
DATA CUBE : Efficient computation and selection of views for materialization 2001 Veritas, Pune, India

M Arul Arasu
Algorithms for Association Rule Mining Without Pruning 2000 Not Available

S Shankara Raman
An Articulate Multimodal Route Planner 1999 Not Available

Shalini Agarwal
A Multilingual Semantic Lexicon 1995 Not Available

Kiran Kumar Kedlaya
A Kernal for Second Language Tutoring 1994 Not Available

PhD Research Scholars

Name ▾ Thesis Title ▾ Year of Graduation ▾ Current Position ▾
Manish Sarkar Uncertainty-Based Pattern Classification by Modular Neural Networks 1999
S G Somayajulu Communicating Plans in Natural Language: Planning and Realization 1998

P. V. S. R Bhanu Prasad (1998)
Planning With Cooperative Memory Structures 1998 Asst. Prof in Univ of Florida A&M
Ravindranath Chowdary C 2009 IIT (BHU), Varanasi
Radhika Selvamani Chennai
Sujatha Upadhyaya 2006 Bengaluru
Ramadurgam Gururaj
Mohammed Abdul Karim Sadiq Adapting Case-Based Recommendations Towards User Preferences 2006