Past Students:



Ravindranath Chowdary C
R Gururaj
Sujatha R Upadhyaya

B Radhika Selvamani

Mohammed Abdul Karim Sadiq (2006)
Thesis: Adapting Case-Based Recommendations Towards User Preferences
Presently:  Applied Research Group, Satyam Computer Services
Ltd, Bangalore

Manish Sarkar (1999)
Thesis: Uncertainty-Based Pattern Classification by Modular Neural Networks
Presently:  Univ. of Connecticut

S G Somayajulu (1998)
Thesis: Communicating Plans in Natural Language: Planning and Realization
Presently: Associate Prof in Univ. of Aberdeen

P. V. S. R Bhanu Prasad (1998)
Thesis: Planning With Cooperative Memory Structures
Presently:  Asst. Prof in Univ of Florida A&M


Swapnoneel Roy (June 2007)
Thesis:Algorithms for Sorting using Biologically Motivated Primitives

Presently: IBM India Software Lab, Bangalore. , India.

Archana M
Thesis: Extended Join Algorithms and Path Based Approach for XPath Evaluation
Presently: -- 

Delip Rao G(March 2007)
Thesis: Learning Semantic Relations from Heterogeneous Sources
Presently:  Ph.D. Student, Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University

K. Hima Prasad(Jan 2007)
Thesis: Modified PĆ¼fer Sequences for Indexing and Querying of XML Data

Presently: IBM India Research Lab,Delhi.

Bharat Ranjan Kavuluri (May 2005)
Thesis: Timed Initial Literals in Metric-Temporal Planning
Presently: Pursuing PhD at IIT Madras, India.

G. V. Subramanyam (April 2005)
Thesis: Efficient Binary Structural Join Algorithms on XML Data

Presently: Symantec Corporation, Pune, India.

R. Shyam Sundar Yadav (April 2005)
Thesis: An Oracle Based Meta Learning Approach for Knowledge Acquisition
Presently: Veritas Software, Pune, India.

U Senthil (September 2004)
A Domain Independant System for Temporal Planning Adaptation
Presently: IBM, Pune, India.

K Prasanna (July 2004)
Thesis: Distance Based Instance Set Reduction in Case Based Reasoning
Presently: ICICI Infotech, Bangalore, India.

Sutanu Chakraborthi (May 2004)
Thesis: Integration of Knowlegde Sources in Textual Case Based Reasoning
Presently: Assistant Professor, Dept. of CS & E, IIT Madras.

P Kiran Kumar (May 2004)
Thesis: A Case Based Reasoning Approach to Satellite Health Monitoring
Presently: Intel, Bangalore, India.

Paul P Mathew (Jan 2004)
Thesis: Dynamic Object Typing and Binding of XML
Presently: Intel, Bangalore, India.

P C Karthik (Sep 2003)
Thesis: A Query Engine For XML Document Repositories
Presently: IBM, Bangalore, India.

K Ravi Chandran (July 2003)
Thesis: Semantic Caching for XML Query Systems
Presently: Persistent Systems Pvt. Ltd, Pune, India.

Radhika Selvamani (June 2003)
Thesis: Inductive Diagnosis With CBR in Manufacturing
Presently: PhD, IITM.

S. M. Michael  (2003)
Thesis: Knowledge Engineering and Management for Manufacturing
Presently: Corborundum Pvt Ltd.

Praveen Kumar K (March 2003)
Thesis: RR-F: An Improved Regression Planner
Presently: Verzion, Chennai, India.

B Ravidra Reddy (May 2002)
Thesis: An XML Based Subscription System Using Query Rewriting
Presently: AMI, USA

M Sudharshana (July 2001)
Thesis: Mapping Rules: A New Approach To XML Data Translation and Integration
Presently: Motorola, Bangalore, India

M Mandhava Krishna (April 2001)
Thesis: DATA CUBE : Efficient computation and selection of views for materialization
Presently: Veritas, Pune, India

M Arul Arasu (Dec 2000)
Thesis: Algorithms for Association Rule Mining Without Pruning
Presently: Not Available

S Shankara Raman (1999)
Thesis: An Articulate Multimodal Route Planner
Presently: Not Available

Shalini Agarwal (1995)
Thesis: A Multilingual Semantic Lexicon
Presently: Not Available

Kiran Kumar Kedlaya  (1994)
Thesis: A Kernal for Second Language Tutoring
Presently: Not Available