Programming Assignment Specifications

Implement and install the following demos in the AIDB lab. Please contact Naresh Babu and Vimal Mathew for help. A pddl parser developed by Rakesh Garwal is available for parsing input files. Click here to download the parser.


  1. [GSP] Goal Stack Planning. Implement a general Goal Stack Planning algorithm. Animate the stack operations and plan construction.                                                             
    [group size 2]


  1. [PSP] Animate the PSP algorithm. Given a problem first generate a solution. Keep a trace of the search. Decide upon the placement of actions, their preconditions, and their post conditions on the screen, and regenerate the solution this time drawing the partial plan on the screen.                                                                                                                
    [group size 3]


  1. [GraphPlan] Animate the Graphplan algorithm. Show the planning graph expansion, mutex determination, goal set detection, backward search, memoization, and final plan highlighted. Use small squares for actions (text shown with mouse passover), small circles for propositions. Devise a mechanism for showing the different kind of arcs.       
    [group size 6]


  1. [SATPLAN] Animate SATPLAN. Use plan length as input parameter. Use small dark circles for propositions, and faint arcs for implication links. Animate Unit-Propagation. Use some colour combination to animate search.                                                             
    [group size 4]


  1. [AC3 & AC4] Animate AC3 and AC4 algorithms. click here for XML representation of input specification.                                                                                                   
    [group size 3]


  1. [FSSSearch] Animate Forward State Space Heuristic Search. Devise a mechanism to animate heuristic estimation with arcs from states to propositions, and choose the one with smallest estimate.                                                                                                          
    [group size 3]