1 CS03B006 Challa Swati Reddy FLECS:Planning with a Flexible Commitment Strategy
CS05S024 Jyothi B.S.
2 CS03B007 M Chandra Sekhar Integrated Planning and Learning: The PRODIGY Architecture
CS03B012 Muralidhar Dasar
3 CS06D004 Abhijit Pradhan UCPOP: A Sound, Complete, Partial Order Planner for ADL
4 CS03B037 Aniket Ray On the nature and role of Modal Truth Criteria
CS03B039 K L Kaushik
5 CS03B022 Siva Kumar Sastry H STAN: Efficient Implementation of the Plan Graph in STAN
CS03B027 Vishnu Vardhan Reddy K
6 CS03B033 Satya Gautham Merla IPP: Handling Conditional Effects and Negative Goals in IPP
CS03B034 Shyam Shroff
7 CS05S031 Shravan M.N. Extending Planning graphs to an ADL subset
8 CS06D002 Ravindranath Chowdhary DPPlan: An algorithm for fast solution extraction from a Planning graph
9 CS05D018 Ranbir Singh S. SGP: Extending Graphplan to handle uncertainity and sensing actions
10 CS02B038 Vikram Ramani FF Planning System
CS03B005 Bhukya Prathap
11 CS05M006 Chakradhar P. HSP Planning System
CS05M010 Dhananjaya B.
12 CS05D015 P Swapna Raj BLACKBOX: Unifying SAT-based and Graph-based planning
13 CS03B013 S S Naidu Kandipalli Planning Graph as a (Dynamic)CSP: Exploiting EBL, DDB, and other CSP Search Techniques in Graphplan
CS03B016 Rakesh Gosangi
14 CS05M011 Gowtham Reddy A. SAPA Planning System
CS05M021 Muralikrishnan V.P.
15 CS05D010 Bharat Ranjan Kavuluri Choosing objectives in over-subscription planning
16 CS06S003 O Venkata Ravikumar A heuristic estimator for Means-Ends analysis in planning
17 CS06S008 Saritha V. CD*
18 CS05M023 Nagaraju Pandyala Planning with Goal Preferences and Constraints
CS05M036 Satheesh Pragallapati
19 CS05M037 Shailesh Sonone C. Conformant Planning via Heuristic Forward Search
CS05M039 Siva Prakash I.V.
20 CS06S010 Minu Mary Joseph On-line Planning and Scheduling for High-speed Manufacturing
21 CS05M042 Sukumar V.

Automated Composition of Web Services by Planning in Asynchronous Domains

CS05M044 Tulsi Rami Reddy N.
22 CS05M046 Venkateshwara Reddy S. Course of Action Generation for Cyber Security Using Classical Planning