KRR- CS677 Assignments 

All groups need to discuss a common XML representation, to allow interconnectivity. Represent FOL and DL formulas in a consistent manner. A class name in DL should have a corresponding predicate name in FOL, and a subclass relation should have a corresponding implication rule in FOL.

 Implement the following, and demonstrate with a sample KB 

  1. DL in XML
    1. Structure matching (2)
    2. Classification, taxonomy construction (3)
    3. Query answering (2)
    4. User interface (2)
  1. FOL (function free) conversion to clause form (2)
  1. Resolution method
    1. Set of support strategy (2)
    2. Unit preference strategy (2)
    3. User interface (2)
  1. Autoepistemic logic implementation (assume one level Belief only)
    1. Build a consistent extension (3)
    2. Answer queries (2)


The following detail has been obtained from the students. 7-12-2007

Assignment status
Only 12 of the students have reported their work. Others are to choose from the
highlighted topics which are yet to be reported
No Topic       Members   Status  
1.a 1. Structure Matching
1.b 2. Taxonomy, Classification
  Group Members
  1. Shyam Sundar
2. Srivani
3. Pawan Kumar. Y
4. Parthasarathy. K
1.a, b Working on taxonomies for DL. The group members are
5. Bharat Ranjan
6. Minu Mary Joseph 
7. Saurabh Kezriwal.
1.c Query Answering  
1.d UserInterface
2      FOL conversion to clause form
 8. Hari
9. Sameer
10. SaiRam
3 Resolution method
3.a Set of Support Strategy 13.Shirish Peshwe (CS06M025)
14. P. Sateesh  Kumar (CS06M033)
15.Shiva Prakash D (CS06M036)
3.b Set of unit Preference Strategy 16.RameshNaik V (CS06M027)
17.Vijayandar Veesam CS06M048)
3.c User Interface 18.Suresh Babu Gatta (CS06M012)
19.V. Basha (CS06M046)
4.a Trying to extend a relational database system to use auto-epistemic logic.All current commercial RDBMSes use the Closed World Assumption. Our intended platform of implementation is the Oracle RDBMS.
11 Vineet Rajani  
12 Abhishek Ghose
4.b Query and Answering