Knowledge Representation & Reasoning (CS677)
Reading Assignments:
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The presentations are scheduled to start on Wednesday (31-10-2007). Two presentations per hour
Four hours per week. (Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday)
This is the final schedule. All The Best.
0 Name Roll Filename Order Slides
1 S. Kanthi Kiran CS03B029 Reducing OWL Entailment to Description Logic Satisfiability 10 ppt
2 Satya Gautham Merla CS03B033 An evaluation of ripple down rules 2 ppt
3 Bharat Ranjan CS05D010 Automating DAML-S Web Services 1 ppt
4 B Bhulaxmi CS06M004 Description Logics for Ontologies-Sattler-Dresden 6 ppt
5 G Suresh Babu CS06M012 Ontologies: Silver Bullet for Knowledge 5 Not Avail
6 Hari S. CS06M014 The Instance Store: 14 ppt
7 Nirmala J.P. CS06M022 Toward Principles for the Design of Ontologies
Used for Knowledge Sharing - Thomas R. Gruber
4 ppt
8 Shirish Peshwe CS06M025 A Little Semantic Web Goes a Long Way
in Biology
18 ppt
9 V Ramesh Naik CS06M027 Ancient Indian Logic As A Theory Of CaseBased Reasoning
Jonardon Ganeri
23 ppt
10 Sameer S. Shelar CS06M031 Pellet: An OWL DL Reasoner
Bijan Parsia and Evren Sirin
16 ppt
11 P Sateesh Kumar CS06M033 Racer: A Core Inference Engine for the Semantic Web 17 ppt
12 D. Shiva Prakash CS06M036 From SHIQ and RDF to OWL:
The Making of a Web Ontology Language
9 ppt
13 V.Basha CS06M046 The OWL Instance Store: System Description 15 ppt
14 Vijayandar V CS06M048 Text Clustering Based on Background Knowledge 20 ppt
15 Minu Mary Joseph CS06S010 SemanticWebRevisited-IEEE-IS-2006 7 ppt
16 Saurabh Kejriwal CS06S015 A Logical Foundation for the SemanticWeb -heflin-thesis-ch3 8 ppt
17 K. Parthasarathy CS07D011 Ontologies: Principles  Methods and Applications
Mike Uschold
3 ppt
18 G.V.Sairam CS07S002 C-OWL: Contextualizing Ontologies 11 ppt
19 Vineet Rajani CS07S007 Query answering systems in SW-horrocks-birte glimm 21 ppt
20 Abhishek Ghose CS07S009 Magpie  towards a semantic web browser-03 19 ppt
21 R. Shyam Sundar CS07S021          TRIPLE- A Query, Inference, And
    Transformation Language for the Semantic Web-Sinteck-Decker
22 ppt
22 Y. Pavan Kumar CS07S022 Exhibit: Lightweight Structured Data Publishing 13 ppt
23 L. Srivani CS07S024 Combining Rules and Ontologies. A survey. 12 ppt
24 Basil Ell   Learning to Map between Ontologies
on the Semantic Web-GLUE