Autumn Semester

Apart from some core courses taught in the department I offer the following electives.

A star means I am currently teaching it or may teach it the next semester.

CS638 - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence. A basic course on Artificial Intelligence that covers Search, Game Playing, Logic and Theorem Proving, and some Planning and Constraint Satisfaction.
CS639 - Model Based and Qualitative Reasoning in AI.

Spring Semester

CS625 - Memory Based Reasoning in AI. The course largely deals with Case Based Reasoning, including textual cases, some amount of machine learning, Conceptual Dependency, Scripts, Goals and Plans.
CS668 - Planning & Constraint Satisfaction. The course covers algorithms for Constraint Satisfaction, State Space and Plan Space planning, Heuristic Search planners, Graphplan, Satplan, and probabilistic planning.
CS677 - Knowledge Representation and Reasoning. We begin with logic and deductive reasoning, and move on to Horn Clauses, Description Logics, Frames, Taxonomies, Inheritance, Default Reasoning, Event Calculus and Conceptual Graphs.