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Description: Migrating to Semantic Web is going to be a fairly tough task for the current web sites. There is a need to adhere to the standard vocabulary realized through the ontologies. It is hard to expect web site authors to understand the intricacies of ontology development, for that matter even the formal description of an ontology. Ontology development and maintenance being the forte of domain experts and knowledge engineers, there has to be some means of presenting knowledge contained in ontology in a form that can easily be used by the web site authors. It would be useful if one could capture the essentials of domain specifications of an ontology in a schema language such that the web page authors could employ them in their job. This paper presents an approach for translating an ontology represented in OWL into XML Schema. We discuss the process of translation and its implementation in the paper. The resultant schema can be easily adapted to suit the requirements of web site designers and hence reduces the effort required to initiate participation in the Semantic Web.
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SAQI (Semantics Aware Query Interface):
Description:  In this paper we present a conceptual framework and the implementation details of a tool that enables querying across structurally disparate XML documents that use the vocabulary from a shared ontology. Through this tool, we provide an interface for querying the web pages of a group of participants with common interest who have agreed to use common base ontology for publishing their data. Our interface guides a naive user in his querying process. It helps him to formulate his queries and retrieve semantically correct information from the web pages of this user group.
As a part of project development, we also created two ontologies namely extendedCamera, which is an extenion of camera ontology available at ""andacademic ontology that is designed to provide information for prospective students.

Knowledge Table Driven Ontology Enhancement:
Description: Providing the ability for Ontology Evolution is important for developing complete standard ontologies for Semantic Web. Our paper presents an algorithm that enhances a consistent ontology by incorporating new concepts and  properties submitted by users, provided they are consistent with the existing ontology. We introduce a structure called {\it knowledge table} that captures essence of an ontology, against which the input submission is checked to effectively detemine if it can be admitted or not. Experiments show that, this algorithm is scalable and can handle large ontologies. Find the technical report here.