Heaven and Hell- My take on life before death                             



Your actions have consequences for your society and thus, the people around you should decide whether what you do is wrong or right. Since this goes for everybody, the laws should be made which appear just to a vast majority of the people. You can define this majority as you like. I like the Indian constitution- you have a 2/3 majority, you can change just about anything in it.

Now, there have been arguments in this thread saying who will monitor the individual and what will he fear then... he will fear the collective ire of his society. The police will monitor him and Kick his Arse if he does anything wrong. This is a thought I had undergone lots of times and I am confident of putting on paper now. There is no separate heaven or hell. If each individual is Good, then the life is heavenly. If they're bad, then life is hell. Consequently, all religions say, if you do good deeds, you go to heaven- just means that others are also inclined to do good unto you and you will see the utopia called heaven here. If you do bad deeds, you go to hell- just means that others will be motivated to KYA and you will experience the sinking feeling called hell.


The reason God came into the picture while defining laws is that people couldn't see powerful individuals who did bad things getting punished (for long periods), basically, due to the incompetence of the society and also, they saw cases where persons who weren't found out enjoying a merry life (in their eyes).

Such instances encouraged people to do bad deeds- if they could get away with them and/or if nobody knew about them. But these things have to be prevented in an ideal society. So, they required that no wrong go unnoticed. So, they defined a super natural entity called God, from whom(or which) nothing could be hidden. God is the punisher of evil doers now.

The reason this job was thrown/thrust upon (or left to/given-up to) God was that men were incompetent to judge what was right or wrong or even if they could, they simply couldn't be every where. They had no confidence in their own mental faculties and no trust upon the ability and judgment of others. That is one reason that people look to the sky to "divine" what is right and wrong every now and then.

I am not saying God isn't necessary, I am not saying God doesn't exist. God is a concept which will tide us through out darkest hours, make us fight hopeless fights without a fear of failure. But that doesn't mean you keep blasting all your tube lights and whenever you see a dark corner, you try to switch the sun on. Leaving everything to God doesn't appear to be doing justice to his confidence upon us (after all, he entrusted the world to us didn't he?).


Our Life and its Purpose

There was this instance when another guy {name undisclosed for reasons of privacy} and I were discussing when we came to two conclusions

·         There is no point in searching for the ultimate purpose of our existence. Maybe that is the only purpose... to exist and survive as well as we can.

·         Look at your body as a machine given to you by God. Then make the best use of it. For example, given a better vehicle, what do you think Schumi will do? Win the race right? Look at life as a race, try to win it.

I personally believe in another thing...

Maybe the purpose of existence of humanity is for the defense of earth. Every planet (assuming its an intelligent form of some sort) should look to save itself from asteroids etc. Earth grew up humanity so that mankind will be the first layer of defense against external aggression. Our purpose is to defend this magnificent planet. Maybe that is why every man has a notion of ‘his’ land, ‘house’, ‘colony’, ‘state’, ‘nation’, ‘planet?’. Maybe that is why we fought two world wars over pieces of land, and may be that is why we will defend this piece of land, our planet, when it is attacked. Note that this doesn't contradict my first point in any way- our purpose still is to survive as well as we can. By doing that, we help in the survival of other life forms and probably protect earth from getting destroyed.